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LeFevre Trial Consulting is one of the most influential trial consulting companies in the nation. Traveling from coast to coast, LTC can service clients easily in every county. What separates LTC is its ability to provide clients innovative trial strategies, creative problem solving and communication solutions derived from years of litigation research.


Founded in 2002, our expert approach to strategic trial consulting focuses on the jury, the parties involved in the lawsuit, and the litigator to garner an advantage in settlement negotiations and in the courtroom.
To date, LTCs plaintiffs have won over $100M, while defendants have prevailed in multiple defense verdicts due to LTCs pre-trial, trial, and post-trial services.

Our Team
Adrienne LeFevre, Founder | Phone: 630-901-9017

Kelly Betkis, Project Manager | Phone: 630-606-4068

As one of the leading jury and communication experts in the country,

Adrienne LeFevre, M.A. provides cutting edge trial strategies for the nation’s top law firms and Fortune 500 companies. 


In her 25 years serving both plaintiff and defense trial teams, her expertise spans various types of litigation such as, antitrust, contract, employment discrimination, financial fraud, medical malpractice, intellectual property, personal injury, product liability, toxic-tort, and class litigation.

Kelly has ten years of experience managing projects including recruiting participants for focus groups and mock-trials. Her customer service is top-notched ensuring clients are well cared for.

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